Local Climate Change Roadmap
Participating in the Roadmap

As part of the Conference ‘Local Climate Change Roadmap: A Time for Mobilization, Planning and Action’ a time to present, discuss and debate the collected contributions has been planned on 29 May in the afternoon.
It is important for Portuguese municipalities to take part in this international process. As the closest level of government to citizens, municipalities play an essential role in the battle against climate change. When appropriately empowered, local governments have an enormous potential to achieve significant reductions of greenhouse gas emissions at the local level and therefore contribute to solve a global problem.

The ultimate goal of the ‘Local Government Climate Roadmap’ is to have the importance of cities and local authorities recognized in the new Global Climate Agreement.

Portuguese municipalities can take part in the ‘Local Government Climate Roadmap’ by sending their comments and contributions on the draft text in writing to the National Association of Portuguese Municipalities or directly to the Conference Secretariat.

More information:

Conference Secretariat
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National Assotiation of Portuguese Municipalities
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Web: www.anmp.pt | E-mail: clima@anmp.pt

Lisbon Metropolitan Area
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