Local Climate Change Roadmap
What is it?

The ‘Local Government Climate Roadmap’ is the name of a process taking place all over the world that seeks the recognition of Local Governments in the negotiations of the successor of the Kyoto Protocol, which will culminate with the drafting of a short and concise new Global Climate Agreement. This process calls for a new agreement that acknowledges the importance of local actions in the battle against climate change.

As a consequence, Local Governments from around the world are mobilizing and organizing events at the national level to collect contributions for the draft text, which will later be compiled in a unique document to be presented at the COP 15 - to be held in Copenhagen in December 2009.

After Italy and other European countries, China, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Brazil and Mexico, Portugal is now involved in the movement.



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PDF document Local Government Climate Roadmap – Draft Text before Conference