Local Climate Change Roadmap

Cornelia Poczka
Federal, European and Cabinet Affairs, Public Administration Management, City of Berlin, Germany

Cornelia Poczka, married, two children


  • University degree in Modern Languages;
  • Post graduate studies at the German Institute for Urbanism in Berlin.

Professional experience

  • 1984 –1988 - local politician of the Green Party (Alternative Liste) in the borough of Schöneberg; Head of the Commission: "Environmental Protection and Green Open Spaces",
  • 1989 –1996 - Senate Department for Urban Development and Environmental Protection, among others managing director of the STADTFORUM and the international advisory board for town planning issues,
  • 1996 – 1998 - chief of staff to the Senator for Urban Development, Environmental Protection and Technology.
  • 1999 – 2000 - managing director of the non-profit association "Youth Initiative EXPO 2000" in Hanover (Two-year-leave from the Berlin Government); 2001 – 2006 Head of International Affairs and Protocol, Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development;
  • Since 2007 - Head of Federal and European Affairs and since April 2009 Head of the division for Federal, European and Cabinet Affairs as well as Public Administration Management, Berlin Senate Department for Health, the Environment and Consumer Protection. << back