Local Climate Change Roadmap

Bo Frank
CIty of Växjö, Sweden

Mayor of Växjö – The Greenest City in Europe, born 54/09/17

Education and career:

  • Upper secondary school in Växjö 1973
  • Graduate from School of Social Studies 1978
  • Graduate from studies in political science, social science, ecology, economics and administration at the University of Lund/Växjö 1979
  • Member of Health and Environment Board 1974 – 1979
  • Member of the City Council since 1976
  • Various part time employments between 1976 and 1982, for example as hospital planner
  • Full time politician with various municipal assignments as chairman since 1982
  • Member of the Swedish Parliament 1991
  • Mayor or Vice Mayor in the City of Växjö since 1992
  • Vice chairman of the Regional Council of Southern Småland since 2007

Various assignments as member of boards, for example the board of Euregion Baltic, Småland Airport and Regional Board for Conservatives, Sydsam, and Almi.


  • Martha Elena Arciniega Sandberg, born in Mexico
  • three children from a previous marriage; Marie-Louise 25, Rebecka 18 and Jacob 16 years old
  • a cat called Cecilia, 11 years old


  • Private car Saab Biopower, official car Toyota Prius


  • Travelling, Beatles, Benjamin Disraeli, collecting books, cooking, culture, summer-house close to the Baltic Sea. << back