Local Climate Change Roadmap

João Côrte-Real
University of Évora, Portugal

Full professor of the University of Évora, retired since January 2008, invited professor at the Department of Rural Engineering of the same University since September 2008 and coordinator of the Group Water, Soil and Climate of the Institute of Mediterranean Agrarian and Environmental Sciences (ICAAM), integrated by an interdisciplinary team in fundamental and applied research on Water.

He was a professor at FCUL for 38 years where, in 1991, a Group of Meteorology/Climatology was formed under his leadership in the Department of Physics and the Institute of Applied Science and Technology (ICAT), with 21 members developing research on dynamical and statistical climatology, climate variability, climate change and its impacts, and numerical simulation of the atmospheric circulation at the regional scale.

As a docent, he oriented almost 100 students (license, master and Ph.D.), participated in several projects (national, European and with Africa) and published more than 60 papers.

Presently, his main research interests are climate variability and its impacts, modelling of regional scenarios, cloud physics and precipitation, atmospheric dynamics, hydroclimatology and ecohydrology.

He was deputy director of the National Institute of Meteorology and Geophysics and president elected of the national committee for IGBP (International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme); among other past and present duties, he acted as member of advisory committees of the European Commission and as evaluator of European research projects. << back

João Côrte-Real
ASC - Water, Soil and Climate
ICAAM - Institute of Mediterranean Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
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