Local Climate Change Roadmap

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, welcome to the website of the International Conference “Local Government Climate Roadmap: A Time for Mobilization, Planning and Action”.

The Conference sessions were available in the internet in real time streaming via Sapo’s “Live Net”, also made available in this site. Following the event, it is now possible to download PDF files of the speakers' presentations, and to view videos of these presentations. A photo gallery of the Conference is also available, as well as the participants list.
The final document of the “Local Government Climate Roadmap”, compiles the contributions of the Portuguese municipalities that were presented to the ICLEI representative Mr. Gino Van Begin, Deputy Secretary General and Regional Director for Europe, and to the representative of the Portuguese Ministry for Environment, Spatial Planning and Regional Development, Dr. Humberto Rosa, Secretary of State for the Environment.

This event had the institutional support of several organisations and provided an overview of the importance of local intervention towards climate change, both in what concerns mitigation and adaptation, having also the objective of compiling contributions for the “Local Government Climate Roadmap”, a document to be presented at the Conference of Parts (COP 15) that will take place in Copenhagen in December 2009.

In this context, both national and foreign specialists attended the conference, covering subjects related to the issues of greenhouse gas emissions reduction, adaptation strategies and financial tools and mechanisms available for local action.

The Organizing Committee