Local Climate Change Roadmap
Almada City Council and ICLEI, Local Governments for Sustainability, together with the Local Energy Management Agency of Almada, AGENEAL, and the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the New University of Lisbon and the Portuguese National Energy Agency, ADENE, promote the Conference “Local Climate Change Roadmap: A Time for Mobilization, Planning and Action”, which will take place in the 28th and 29th of May 2009, in Almada.

The event has the institutional support of several organisations and will give a perspective of the importance of local intervention where climate change is concerned, both in the dimensions of mitigation and adaptation, having also as a goal to gather contributions for the construction of Local Climate Change Roadmap.

This roadmap is a process that takes place at a global level, aiming at gathering contributions from Local Governments for the new Global Climate Agreement post-2012, replacing the Kyoto Protocol. In addition to Portugal, Italy, and other European countries, also China, Indonesia, South Africa, Brazil and Mexico are involved. The final result of this Roadmap will be presented in the COP 15 Conference - which will take place in Copenhagen, in December 2009. The Roadmap also intends to recognise the local contribution for attaining the goals of the 3x20 European Strategy.

The Conference in Almada will culminate with the symbolic hand-out of the document gathering the contributions for the Local Climate Change Roadmap to ICLEI’s European Secretary and to a representative of the Portuguese Government Accompanying the renegotiations of the post-Kyoto Protocol.

In this context, national and international specialists will be present, addressing issues like mitigation of emissions, adaptation strategies and financial instruments and mechanisms available for local action.

• Climate change: scenarios post-2020
• Climate Change Mitigation Strategies
• Climate Change Adaptation Strategies
• Instruments and Mechanisms for Local Action
• COP 15: Local Government Climate Roadmap

Target Audience:
Municipalities; Central Government; Development Agencies; entities that work with Greenhouse Gas Emissions; NGO’s; Universities; Students and the interested public.

Conference participants:
PDF document - Download here the list of participants.