Local Climate Change Roadmap
Carbon Offsetting
Almada Less Carbon

It is estimated that the emissions associated with this conference amount to circa 30 tons of CO2eq, including the travelling carried out by the speakers and participants, the energy use of the conference venue and the waste produced during the event.

The offset of carbon emissions associated with this event will be ensured by Almada City Council through the initiatives listed in the table below, in which the amount of CO2 tons potentially reduced are also indicated:

Project Reduction of CO2
(per year)
Reduction of CO2 emissions (life-long)
Expansion of the existing field of solar collectors at Sobreda’s swimming pools facility 10 ton 197 ton
Implementation of wind + photovoltaic micro-production at the Centre for Environmental Monitoring and Interpretation of Costa da Caparica 3 ton 56 ton
Implementation of solar collectors at Sobreda’s running track site 2 ton 33 ton
TOTAL 15 ton 286 ton

With these investments, the conference’s carbon emissions will be offset after two years.